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Across San Diego County, people just like you are proving you can start small, and think big. San Diego Savers are setting financial goals, tracking their spending and taking control of their financial future. Don’t wait any longer…enroll in San Diego Saves today!

Saving Strategies

Building wealth starts when you set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal. Whatever goal you choose – whether it’s buying a car, buying a house, or getting out from under your debts – learn about proven savings strategies and get simple tips on the best ways to save. Click on the links below to learn how to:

Get out of debt

Save for a home

Save for a car

Save for emergencies

Save at work


Retirement: Getting on Track

With the average life expectancy 30 years longer today than it was 100 years ago...read more



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Personal Finance Blogs

Teens and Money

Teens learn all about money—how to earn it, spend it, and save it---on the University of California’s Money Talks for Teens website which is available in English and Spanish.




Save for Retirement

The Ballpark E$timate

  • Take 10 minutes to find out how much YOU need for a comfortable retirement.

Top 10 Ways to Plan

  • Build your financial future.

Later Savers Guide

  • Find strategies that work.

Personal Finance Blogs


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